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Your clinical diagnosis companion used by medical students and professionals around the world in more than 170 countries.
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With more than 1500 clinical diagnoses and a library of more than 500 medical images and video, Dem Dx helps improve diagnostic skills from the lecture room to the bedside. Powered by peer reviewed specialist contributions.

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Differentials to Diagnosis

Dem Dx takes medical students and junior doctors from Symptoms and Signs through to Differentials and Diagnoses, matching how patients present in clinical practice.

Teaching at

Guy's and St Thomas'

Dem Dx is used to train student doctors by some of the largest NHS trusts in England, one of which is Guy's and St Thomas, a world renowned medical teaching institution that provides cutting edge health research.

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Medical Diagnosis

Narrow Down Differentials

View a list of running differentials and see how they are eliminated as you enter patient symptoms.

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Make notes and save your Pathway Summaries in one convenient place.

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Improve your diagnosis memory with our dedicated Quiz.

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Specialist Contributors

Get the knowledge of top doctors in your hand.
Tap into the expertise of Dem Dx medical contributors worldwide. Dem Dx is a like having a team of specialists in your pocket. All medical information within Dem Dx is peer-reviewed and updated regularily.
Meet the Community
Dr Catherine Orteu
Consultant Dermatologist at the Royal Free Hospital
Mariane M.
Medical Intern, Brazil
"I have been working with Family medicine in a rural city in Brazil and Dem Dx has been such a life safer! It was the first time that I had autonomy to get my own clinical decisions when I wasn't feeling confident enough to do so."
Suraj J.
4th Year Medical Student, Imperial College Medical School
"Dem Dx is a unique app that effectively aids my clinical learning by giving me logical pathways to help efficiently narrow down diagnoses. Most importantly it ensures I appreciate the journey to a diagnosis, rather than simply the end result."
Ann Clara A.
Final Year Medical Student, Brazil
"I encountered Dem Dx on a research project and I was very surprised by the functionalities of the app. It proved to be a very useful tool in the construction of my clinical reasoning and in the confirmation of diagnoses during my clinical attachments."

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