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MCQ Guide

  • Alongside our Diagnostic tool, Dem Dx contains over 300 multiple-choice questions that you can use to test your knowledge as you go along
  • To access these questions, click on the multiple-choice question icon and then select the specialty you would like to test yourself on
  • Each question consists of a brief clinical description and 4-5 options to choose from for the answer
  • As you go through the questions in each quiz, you can see your score and how many questions you have attempted at the top of the page
  • As you go along, you can use the Dem Dx pathways to understand why a particular answer is correct. Click on ’See Explanation’ to go to the relevant page in the pathway
  • Click on ‘Back to Question’ to return to the multiple-choice questions
  • To leave the quiz at any time simply click on the cross in the top right-hand corner