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Diagnosis Guide

  • On opening Dem Dx, your first choice is to select a system that most appropriately fits your patient’s presentation. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, pick the most likely option and the symptoms you select will guide you to the correct system and diagnosis from there
  • From the list of options in each specialty, select the presenting complaint that most accurately fits your patient’s presentation
  • Once you click on this, the next screen will bring up the most important clarifying question (e.g., the duration of a symptom or other associated features)
  • The system will continue to ask clarifying questions to help get you to a final diagnosis in the quickest, most efficient way possible
  • As you go along, there are 3 important buttons to use:
    • Read More – this describes additional features of the symptom of disease that will help you as you make a diagnosis
    • Media – this links through to our collection of media files (images, sounds and video files that demonstrate clinical findings)
    • Differentials – clicking this button will bring up the list of differentials that correspond to the symptoms and signs you have identified so far. These differentials are clustered by specialty and within each specialty are ranked by global incidence
  • When you reach the end-diagnosis, you will see a summary of all the symptoms and signs that you have identified and the most likely condition your patient has presented with. Clicking on the disease description in the top green box will bring up a further disease description, with additional information on epidemiology, pathophysiology and classification

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