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Dem Dx’s AI clinical reasoning platform helps healthcare professionals diagnose, order investigations and make care recommendations at the first point of patient contact.

From Symptoms and Signs
to Differential Diagnoses

Clinical reasoning is the technique of combining individual symptoms and signs to arrive at a diagnosis and list of potential differentials before formulating a management plan. Previously a slightly neglected healthcare function, it is increasingly recognised as a core component of a doctor or nurse’s clinical competence and a skill that can be practised and trained. Dem Dx is the clinical tool that will help you improve this necessary skill both in training and in clinical practice.

Bridging the gap between
textbooks and clinical practice

Undergraduate and postgraduate medical and nursing training has traditionally been split between the knowledge to be gained from textbooks and that from seeing patients in clinical practice on the ward or in clinic. Dem Dx bridges the gap between textbook and patient by acting as a clinical reference tool easily available at point of care. Refer to Dem Dx to help you understand a new specialty or when you see an unusual presentation.