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FAQ – iOS App

How do I sign up, log in, or reset my password?

Create, sign into, or retrieve your account here 


How do I access all Dem Dx content?

Access all Dem Dx content by signing up for our monthly subscription plan within the Dem Dx app. Detailed instructions can be found here


Will my account carry over from the mobile app to the Web app?

Yes! Use your login on both your mobile and computer to access Dem Dx where ever you need it.


Does Dem Dx work without internet connection?

The Dem Dx mobile app contains all 1500+ diagnoses and 250+ quiz questions and can be used without internet connection. The Web app does however currently require an internet connection.


What do I do if I run into a problem using Dem Dx? Who can I contact for support?

Reach out to us here with questions or feedback


How do I use the quiz feature?

Check out our Quick Quiz Guide


How do I use the Pathways  / Diagnosis feature?

Check out our Quick Diagnostic Tool Guide


What does the DDX button do and how do I use it?

The DDX feature shows you the Differential Diagnosis at every step in your diagnostic pathway. Differential Diagnosis is used to weigh the probability of different possible diagnoses.