Medical Advisory Board

Dx’s Medical Advisory Board is composed of students who are connected with the medical education community in the UK.

The aim of the Medical Advisory Board is to guide the development of Dem Dx, including the product’s design, it’s features and its adoption amongst the medical student community.The Board meets at Dem Dx’s offices three times a year and meetings are exclusive to board members only.

Becoming a Board Member

Dem Dx is currently seeking exceptional medical students to become members of the Medical Advisory Board. As a board member you will work closely with our startup team based in Kings Cross, London, tackling challenging problems in the area of medical technology.

Positions are limited to two students per medical institution. Becoming a Board Member also opens up opportunities for further work in this area, including opportunities for sponsorship and internships.

How to Apply:

To apply to become a Board Member, plese fill in the following questions here, along with your details:

Please ensure the form is completed by 5pm on Monday 18th September. We aim to respond to your application in seven working days. Your personal details will not be shared with any other parties without our consent.